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About Us

Family-Owned And Operated Tree Service Company In Duluth, GA

ATL Tree Work is a locally operated and family-owned business committed to providing you with quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

We have the skills and manpower needed for completing every job on time and within budget while treating your property with utmost care and respect. We are also fully licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that your family and property are in good hands.

ATL Tree Work is the company to call if you are looking for the best tree trimming and pruning services, tree removal, and emergency storm services in Duluth, GA and the surrounding North Metro Atlanta areas. 

We have a team of certified tree arborist and a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with quality tree trimming and pruning services at a price within your budget.

ATL Tree Work

ATL Tree Work is passionate about tending and nurturing our customers’ trees. We are equipped with a complete team of certified arborists that can treat any tree care needs you may have. We work on both commercial and residential projects. 

We care, and to ensure we retain our customers, our work is fairly priced. You can always request a free estimate to help you determine what it will cost you to undertake your project.

We are committed to providing an exceptional customer service experience with a professional outlook in every service we provide. We are very prompt with providing timely and accurate responses coupled with quality services, as we know how valuable your time is. 

Contact us today to get a free estimate for tree services you may need for current or future projects!

ATL Tree Work

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Our Services

Our Tree Services in Duluth, GA

We offer a variety of tree maintenance services to help maintain your property all year round.
We provide both residential and commercial services, including the following:

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree care involves regular tree trimming, depending on the type of trees. Our experienced arborists are specialists in identifying any and all tree care pruning needs.
Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Trees are beautiful, but sometimes they do not grow in the most strategic or convenient places, causing concern. Our tree removal services include helping you navigate through the removal of such trees and preventing the least amount of damage.
Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Our land clearing experts will remove all unwanted trees, stumps, and other debris from your property. This will help in restoring your yard or land to it’s natural beauty.

Stump Grinding

Stumps left after a tree is cut often become an eyesore to the surrounding area or can create possible safety concerns. Our tree care services in Duluth, GA, extend to removing the unsightly stump from our customers’ property, leaving a safe leveled ground after removal.
Emergency Tree Services

Emergency Tree Services

Our Emergency Tree Services can diagnose trees for any health associated problems like pests, possible disease, and care. We will also create a suitable landscape design and maintenance plan for you.

Debris Removal

We’ll safely remove damaged branches following a storm, along with clean up any tree debris left on your lawn and surrounding areas. We are also able to remove the entire tree if needed.

ATL Truck

Why Choose Us?

On top of being experts in tree care, ATL Tree Work is dedicated to providing exceptional services that make your experience great with us. From free estimates, to fair pricing all the way down to a team that always delivers a great job with all our customers in Georgia.

  • Free Estimate And Fair Price

    We offer complete tree services with home-friendly options. You get a chance to compare our service versus our competitive price offer with other companies with ATL Tree Work. We are so confident in our pricing against the excellent services we offer that we free estimates.

  • Friendly Customer Service

    We know that our residential tree service in Duluth, GA involves being in your private space, such as lawn services, land clearing, and landscape design. Hence, we always conduct a criminal background check on all our employees, ensuring we are always looking out for our clients.

  • Quality Work

     ATL Tree Work prides itself on providing a full range of efficient, professional, and timely services in all our interactions. We are sure to leave you nothing less than satisfied. 

Service Areas

We’ve Worked with Local Businesses and Residents for Many Years


Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your tree-related questions!

What types of tree services are offered in Duluth, GA?
There are several types of tree services available in ATL Tree Work – Duluth, GA including tree trimming, tree removal, land clearing, and emergency tree services.
How much do tree services cost in Duluth, GA?
The cost of tree services can vary depending on the specific service needed, the size of the tree or trees involved, and other factors such as location and accessibility. It’s best to contact a local tree service provider for an estimate.
Is it necessary to have a permit to remove a tree in Duluth, GA?
Yes, it may be necessary to obtain a permit from the City of Duluth for tree removal. Certain trees, especially those located close to roads or waterways, may require additional permits or approvals from state or federal agencies.
Are tree trimming and pruning the same thing?
No, tree trimming and pruning are not the same thing. Trimming generally refers to the removal of larger branches for safety or aesthetic purposes while pruning involves removing smaller branches to maintain the overall health of the tree.
Can I plant a new tree in place of a removed tree?
Yes, you can plant a new tree in place of a removed tree in most cases. However, it’s important to choose a species that is appropriate for the location and to properly care for the tree to ensure its longevity.


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Highly Recommended!

“AltTreeWork is a great Team! They are competitive in pricing and very reasonable rates. They’re professional, courteous, and friendly. They removed a large diseased maple tree, and trimmed tulip poplars, hickory, red maple, pin oak, and red bud trees, removed ivy from about 10 trees, and disposed of many previously fallen timber and limbs from storm damage.
They had to work around many shrubs and flowers and none were damaged at all. They were quick and efficient, and cleaned up everything completely before leaving. They did such a good job that now my neighbor plans to have them remove a large tree soon. I’ll definitely have them back! Highly recommended! ”


Very Nice & friendly!

“We want to highly recommend this company. They were very professional and fast. They were friendly and helped us with the paperwork to submit to our insurance company. Anytime we called with a question they were quick to respond. Their kindness and patience were very appreciated during our time of loss after Hurricane Laura. Justin was very understanding and helpful. He went above and beyond to help us with our insurance claim. We have nothing but good things to say about this company!!!! Thank ya’ll again!!!”

Amy and William

The Price Is Right!

“If you want a Tree Contractor that will go over and above then ATL TREE WORK is your company. Courtesy of Zeta, we had a tree fall on the corner of the house and lay across the roof. ATL Tree Work was punctual in responding to our initial call (not like others) and came out when they said they would to assess the damage and give us a quote. As soon as we accepted the quote, they put us on the calendar. The crew that came out was AWESOME! The superintendent came out and assessed the situation and had a plan before his crew was on site. They were on site about 2 ½ hours and brought in a crane to get the tree off the roof. They cut up the tree, cleaned up the limbs and debris, even cleaned up the yard that was full of debris. Can’t say enough about them. ATL TREE WORK WENT WAY OVER AND ABOVE!!! ”

Bob & Betty

Efficient Job!

“Erwin arrived at 8 am and left at noon with his 5 people. They cut the tree in a very askward location in my back yard and had to hand carry out the parts of the tree because of the location! They took very good care of my deck and furnishings while cutting the tree down.. Before they left they cleaned all debris in my back yard. Erwin and his crew did an outstanding job from beginning to end, starting with the estimate, call back and keeping his word! He is an example of a good company and I highly recommend him and his company and will call them back if more trees need to be taken out.. Thank you! ”

Brigitte Craig

Took Care Of Everything!

“ATL is a great Tree Service Company in every way. They did an excellent job on an emergency call for removing a large tree that had split in 2 pieces during a storm.. I recently called them again for an estimate on another urgent situation – a tree that died quickly. I hired them to remove 3 difficult trees. They are responsive, charge fair prices, show up on time, have great equipment, have a good Team that knows how to remove difficult trees. They haul all heavy wood away the same day and chip the remainder. They also clean up all debris. They are professionals. These guys are a really good find! I plan to have them return for a 3rd job. ”


Very Professional!

“ATL Tree Work removed a 100′ pine tree in my yard that had been struck by lightning and was being attacked by pine beetles. Their team was very knowledgeable, courteous, tidy, efficient and safe. I had priced this job out with other tree services and ATL saved me money. I REALLY appreciate the job they did.”

Lee Robinson

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ATL Tree Work is the best among locally owned tree companies offering their services in Duluth, GA, and the surrounding area.
Contact us for diligent Ramos tree services in both commercial properties and residential areas. 

We will promptly pick your first call, answer a few questions and even get to your location in emergency services.
Ours is a service that entails more than just tree removal. 


Your safety and peace are of utter importance to us, so whether it’s the trimming, shrubs, or tree removal, we will do our job as fast
as we can be out of your business and property as quickly as possible. 

ATL Tree Work

ATL Tree Work has been servicing the needs of Atlanta homeowners and businesses since 2003. We pride ourselves on consistently giving our commercial and residential customers exceptional results at affordable prices, without compromising quality of service.


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