How Often Do You Need to Trim Trees around Your Property

You should prune and trim the trees on your commercial or residential property to maintain their health and prevent limbs from falling unexpectedly.

How often should you trim trees? Trees in their first five years should be inspected and trimmed once every one to five years. Once they mature, they may need to be checked yearly with a trim every five to ten years. However, this isn’t a universal rule.

Read further to learn the variables that affect when to trim trees and how often pruning and trimming services may be needed.

Why Do You Need to Trim Trees?

Tree trimming is necessary because it helps make other plants thrive. Trimming lower branches creates sunlight that nourishes nearby gardens, grasses, and small trees. In other words, it aids in thinning the canopy and lets more daylight reach through to the plants below.

You can also keep your property safe through tree trimming. It can make it easier to keep electric wires unobstructed and property maintenance.

Regular tree pruning ensures that the highest branches are within reach, allowing you to cut off diseased and dead limbs and remove hazardous limbs. Pruning branches from the tops of trees will reduce the crown’s weight and lessen the tree’s importance. This is especially helpful after a damaging storm has knocked down branches.

How Often Should Your Prune Your Trees?

You should prune your trees at the same frequency you follow for tree trimming. Even though the terms “trimming” and “pruning” are often used interchangeably, there are differences.

For instance, different types of equipment are used for each service, and pruning is significantly more critical for tree health than trimming.

Some particular times of the year are more perfect for pruning and trimming than others, and an arborist can assist you in deciding which is best based on your desired outcome. A technician from a tree service can meet with you on your property to inspect your trees and recommend what should be done. They’ll also offer you an estimate of how much their proposed work will cost.

When Should You Trim Your Trees?

One of the preferable times to trim trees is in the summer. This is because the leaves are fully grown, and you can easily see the tree’s structure. It’s also an excellent time to trim trees because they are less likely to go into shock from the pruning. In addition, pruning in the summer can help shape the tree for the following year.

Fall and winter are considered dormant seasons for trees, so pruning during these times can damage the tree. Spring might not be a great time to trim trees, as they produce new leaves. For these reasons, summer is generally considered the best time to trim trees.

Generally, tree trimming services are available whole year round. So, if you need to trim your trees, you can contact a tree trimming service anytime. They can advise you when to start tree trim, depending on your specific type of tree.


Trees are a valuable part of your home or commercial property. Not only do they provide shade and fresh air, but they can also increase the value of your home. Maintaining trees is vital to keep them looking their best and ensure they don’t become a hazard.

The right way to maintain your trees healthily is by having them inspected regularly by an arborist so that any potential problems can be addressed before they become more significant.

At ATL Tree Work, we can help Atlanta homeowners and businesses develop a maintenance plan that keeps your trees looking great all year round. If you’re unsure how often you need to start tree trimming around your property, call us today.

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