The Common Problems That Trees Pose to Our Properties

We all know the importance of trees. However, you should know that they can also damage your homes, especially if they are too close to the structure. When this happens, you must immediately seek out emergency tree services. 

You might ask if you can remove the tree yourself. After all, there are numerous videos and blogs on how to do this task, but you must remember that these guides may not instruct you on how to keep yourself safe while doing the job. 

Why not just ignore the tree? It appears to be the most appealing because it will not cost you a cent. However, it would help if you refrained from doing this. This article will tell you why. It will discuss some of the most common problems that trees pose to properties. 

Damage to Homes

If a branch falls, it can cause cracks on walls, windows, and gutters. The tree trunk can, too, cause a lot of damage to your property’s exteriors. Fallen leaves and branches can also get stuck in the gutter and cause blockage of rainwater.  

Trees also increase the risk of fire. It is due to the amount of dried leaves and branches they have. If there is a fire, the tree’s branches can easily catch fire. 

More importantly, letting a tree grow in your yard could damage the structure’s foundation. Trees are living organisms. They will continue growing as long as they can. If the roots grow too big, they can break the ground, which would allow the roots to go inside your home. 

The tree will use your structure’s foundation to get more nutrients. The more nutrients the tree absorbs, the faster it will grow. 

When the roots go inside the house, this can cause the walls to crack. The cracks will get bigger as time goes by, which can result in the sagging of the walls. If the condition worsens, the walls will collapse. You should reach out to emergency tree services before things worsen.  

Damage to Turf, Plants, and Other Trees

If the tree roots are invasive, they can go underneath your lawn’s surface. The tree’s roots can also spread out underground. As the roots spread out from the original tree, the tree will absorb nutrients from your lawn and plants, which will eventually cause them to die. This will affect the overall health and appearance of your lawn. 


It is tempting to ignore the growing tree in your yard because it adds value to your property. It even provides shade for you and your family. However, this is not always the best option because the tree has the potential to damage the structure’s foundation. If the foundation is damaged, there will be cracks on the walls, and it can lead to the walls collapsing. The tree can spread its roots over your lawn, plants, and other trees. 

Now that you know the possible damages that trees can cause to your property, you should reach out to ATL Tree Work. We provide emergency tree services in Duluth, GA. Call us now and let us help maintain the safety of your garden. 

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