7 Questions You Must Ask before Trimming an Overgrown Tree

Trees are one of nature’s most important gifts to us. They provide us with clean air, clean water, and a home for many animals. For this reason, many homeowners get a tree in their backyard if the space permits it. However, trees are unlike most plants because they can grow and become uncontrollably large. When this happens, trimming is recommended.

Trimming an overgrown tree is never easy because they are often very tall, making it difficult to reach the branches that need to be trimmed. Despite this, it’s necessary for the tree’s health because overgrown trees are more susceptible to diseases and pests. Of course, you should never rush things and ask certain questions to determine if you’re taking the right action. These include:

#1 – Do You Have Insurance?

Hiring a tree service company is the best way to ensure that your tree is trimmed correctly. However, even the most experienced professionals can make mistakes, so you must find an insured company. This way, you won’t have to worry about anything if something wrong happens. Insurance also helps because accidents can happen, and you don’t want to be held liable for any damages.

#2 – What Gear Will Be Used?

When a tree service company comes to trim your tree, they’ll need to bring their tools and equipment. Most of the time, they use a bucket truck or a crane, an expensive piece of equipment. You need to be sure that all their equipment is adequately maintained and in good working condition.

However, this doesn’t mean all equipment is good because some can damage your tree. A perfect example is climbing spikes, which leave large holes in your tree.

#3 – How Will the Pruning Be Done?

Pruning is when dead or dying branches are cut from your tree. This is to help improve your tree’s overall health and keep it from getting too big.

When the pruning is done, you need to ensure that the cuts are made in the right places. The cuts need to be made at the branch collar, which is the area where the branch meets the trunk. If the cuts are made any higher up on the branch, it will damage the branch collar and affect tree growth.

#4 – How Much of the Tree’s Canopy Will Be Removed?

The tree’s canopy refers to the tree’s leaves and branches. The amount of the tree’s canopy that will be removed during the pruning process will depend on the tree’s overall health and the size of the branches that need to be removed. Because of this, you should ask how much will be removed to ensure the tree’s growth will be unaffected.

#5 – Will the Tree Be Topped or Hat-Racked?

Topping or hat-racking is a pruning method involving cutting the tops off trees. This should never be done to a tree because it can cause the tree to grow back uncontrollably. This will cause the tree to be unstable and more likely to fall over.

#6 – How Much Will the Project Cost?

The project’s cost will depend on the size of the tree, the type of tree, the amount of work that needs to be done, and the company you choose to hire. You should never hire a company based on the cost alone. You must ensure the company you choose is reputable and charges fairly for quality work.

#7 – How Long Will the Project Take?

The amount of time it will take to complete the project will depend on the size of the tree and the amount of work that needs to be done. A small tree can usually be trimmed in a few hours, while a large tree can take a whole day.


Hiring a professional tree service to trim an overgrown tree is recommended, especially if you have no experience trimming trees. A professional tree service will have the necessary equipment and knowledge to safely and effectively trim your tree, so you’ll have no worries. All that matters is finding the right company that suits your needs and budget.

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