What to Do With Uprooted Trees

Hurricanes can be quite a devastating force of nature capable of destroying properties and even uprooting strong trees. When a tree is uprooted, it can suffer potentially serious damage. It’ll leave the roots, the trunk, and the crown of the tree in poor condition. Now, the question is, do you replant or completely remove the tree? Let’s look at which is the best option when dealing with uprooted trees.

Can an Uprooted Tree Be Saved?

There is little doubt that uprooting a tree is terrible. It can seriously damage the tree by breaking off its crown. You might even see roots visibly dangling from the trunk. It is possible for the tree to recover. You should, however, consider the following things before deciding whether you should replant the tree or remove it to prevent further damage:

Age of the Tree

If the tree is young and has just been recently planted, chances are it can be saved. Trees that are only a few years old can easily survive the uprooting process. If a mature tree is uprooted, then it will be close to impossible to save it. If a large tree was uprooted, consider contacting a professional tree company to remove the uprooted tree. They can use heavy machinery to remove the entire tree, including the crown and roots.

Health of the Tree

The condition of the tree’s root system is a good indicator of whether it can be saved. A tree with a healthy root system can be saved. The roots will be huge, and they will be able to anchor the tree deep into the ground. If the roots are not very big and strong, then the tree will not be able to recover. If a tree has serious insect or disease problems, then chances of the tree surviving are very slim regardless of whether it survives the uprooting process.

Soil Type

If you live in a region where the soil is very loose and soft, then you should not be surprised if a tree is uprooted. Roots do not have anything to go through when growing in loose soil. It makes the uprooted tree more likely to break off the crown. On the other hand, soil that is hard with not a lot of organic material will make the uprooted tree less likely to break off the crown. So if you live in a region where a lot of trees are uprooted, you should consider planting trees that can tolerate the soil conditions.

Replanting Uprooted Trees

The first thing to do is to have the roots, the trunk, and the crown examined by a professional. The professional will check the condition, and if it’s in good condition, you can replant it. This can be done in your own yard. You’ll not only be saving the tree but also helping the environment.

Remember, replanting uprooted trees can be a great way to rehabilitate damaged land and help ecosystems. In fact, it’s a great way to help replenish the local ecosystem with trees.

When to Remove Uprooted Trees

If you cannot save the tree, it is time to remove it. This is done when the tree is severely uprooted, or if it has been damaged by disease or insects.

After a tree is completely uprooted, you might as well remove it. Though it is possible to replant the tree, it will likely not survive due to disease or insect problems. So removal is the best option.


If you are wondering whether you should replant or remove an uprooted tree, the answer depends on the factors we’ve discussed. In any case, whether you decide to replant or remove the uprooted tree, you should be aware that recovery won’t happen overnight. The uprooted tree will need plenty of time to recover.

The best way to deal with uprooted trees is to call a professional to assess the damage. ATL Tree Work is a locally operated and family-owned tree service company that handles trimming, removal, and emergency tree services in Duluth, GA. We have a team of certified tree arborists who can provide quality tree trimming and pruning services at a price within your budget. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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