How Will I Know If It Is the Perfect Time to Cut a Tree?

Cutting a tree is illegal in most countries. People are only allowed to trim or prune branches up to the property line in the US. However, harming a tree can have someone pay a replacement value of $500 to $2,500. Meanwhile, ornamental or landmark trees can go as high as $20,000 to $60,000. But there are other instances when people can cut trees depending on the situation, and here are some of them.

1. Compromised Trunk

Perhaps the most obvious example of when it is best to cut a tree is if it begins to compromise the trunk of another, the safety of the house, or a passerby. Suppose a tree’s roots are encroaching on another owner’s land. If the branches are scraping the windows of a home, or the tree is falling on your neighbor’s house, call a professional tree care company to cut the affected branches to allow the tree to keep growing.

2. Infected Tree

If fungi or insects have infected a tree, it might be best to cut it by calling a professional tree service company that can safely remove the fake tree. You should also ask the arborist if another tree in the area is infected or if anything can be done to save the tree. Remember that the infection in one plant could spread to another and might cause the same issues.

3. A Leaning Tree

A leaning tree is a hazardous tree that can topple at any time. Experts might not be sure if a tree will fall on its own or if some force will be required to push it down. However, if you think your tree could fall on your house, call expert arborists to cut the top of the tree and remove the top. As a result, the tree will no longer be a threat and can continue to grow in an upright position.

4. Root Problems

When a tree has root problems, it can be an even bigger problem when a tree has root problems than a leaning tree. It can cause the tree to take down power lines or wires. You can ask an experienced arborist what can be done to solve the root problems. It could involve some digging and tree removal. If it is in your best interest, you might even have to have the tree cut down completely.

5. Location Issues

If you have a tree giving you problems in the wrong place, you might have to have it removed. For example, if a tree has a few branches that hang over a neighboring yard and the owners keep cutting them, you can call a tree care professional to cut the tree for you.

Factors to Consider before Cutting Trees

If you are cutting a tree, you should consider a few things before deciding. One factor is whether or not you have the right tools and equipment. A job like this could require a proper climbing harness or a tool belt, depending on where you intend to cut it.

Next, you should consider the safety and health of others before making a decision. Is there any chance that cutting the tree will harm someone or cause damage to their property? If so, you should probably leave the tree alone.

Finally, you should consider if cutting the tree will make a difference. In some cases, missing a few branches might only aggravate the tree to get worse. You might have to take a different approach to the problem, such as planting a new tree.


Cutting trees is not something that most people like to do, but sometimes it has to be done. You should always call an experienced arborist if you are unsure of what to do or what the consequences might be. You can also contact an arborist if you have an infected tree or leaning toward your house. Cutting the tree might be in your best interest.

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