When Tree Removal Becomes a Necessity: 5 Common Reasons

While we love our trees, sometimes, it’s essential to remove them. Usually, this is because they are dying. Sometimes, it’s necessary to remove a healthy tree. That’s part of nature. Sometimes, a tree can be saved if removed at the right time, but this must be determined quickly because the condition could worsen.

Of course, not every tree needs to be removed. A good professional can tell you whether your tree can be saved and pruned. Here are five reasons for you to think about if you’re unsure whether your tree should be removed. If you’re still unsure, call a professional to get their opinion.

1. The Trees Have Died

The best way to keep a tree alive is to call in an arborist to tend to it. If a tree reaches a critical point, it may have to be removed. When a tree gets that sick, it starts rotting. When there is decay in the structure of a tree, it’s hazardous.

If a tree gets overly weakened, it may be unable to handle wind, increased weight, rain, snow, or other natural forces. Furthermore, it may no longer be able to support its branches, leading them to fall from the tree. This weakening might cause the tree to collapse, causing property damage or, worse, injuring someone passing by.

Aside from the foregoing, dead or decaying trees might provide an appealing home for pests. Who wants anything like that on their property? The longer you wait to cut down a tree, the more it deteriorates. The more frequently this occurs, the more dangerous it gets.

2. The Trees Are Diseased

Just like a dead tree, a diseased one must be removed to ensure that it does not cause any harm. Unfortunately, depending on the disease and how well it’s progressed, it may be necessary to remove the entire tree. This can cost more money, but it’s better than risking the lives and homes of your family and friends.

3. The Trees Are Damaging the House

It can be a difficult decision to remove a tree that’s been on your property for a long time, but sometimes it has to be done. It’s even worse when the tree is damaging your home. If your tree is causing cracks in the walls, leaking through the roof, or even damaging the foundation, you need to remove it.

In addition to these reasons, overgrown trees can hang low and block sunlight to your home. This can cause your home to have an undesirable temperature, resulting in paying more to heat or cool your house. And, when the trees are too close to your house, you also run the risk of dangerous branches falling near your home.

4. The Trees Are Damaging Your Fence or Other Property

If your trees are hanging over your fence or other property, this could cause damage to your fence or even your property. It could also be bad for your trees. If a branch hangs over the fence, it could touch the ground and become wet. This can lead to the branch dying and rotting, along with your fence.

5. The Trees Are Limiting Your Views

If overgrown trees hide a part of your yard, this can be a significant nuisance. You may need professional help to achieve the landscaping you want. A good landscaper can take care of your trees in a way that allows you to see any part of your yard that you’d like to see.


When a tree is in the right spot, it can really enhance the beauty of your home and make your yard look extraordinary. However, it’s important to remember that trees are alive and growing. This means that you need to pay attention to the tree’s growth to ensure that it’s not causing damage to your home or other things.

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