Tree-rrific: What You Need to Know about Tree Pruning

As we watch the Versailles, the TV series, we are in awe at the gardens featured in the show. You might wonder how to have the same gorgeous plants in your yard. Inspired by what you saw, you might be tempted to take up pruning shears and do the job yourself.

There is nothing wrong with tree pruning yourself, but you should be careful not to overdo it or kill the plant. Before taking out your tools, you should finish reading this article. We have listed some things that you must heed:

Prune at the Proper Time

Take note that you should prune trees and shrubs in the right season. In the spring, you should prune deciduous trees, and, in the winter, you should prune evergreens.

Natural pruning takes place when the tree or bush produces new growth. If you cut it while it is still dormant, you will kill the plant. You will also destroy the plant if you miss it after it has flowered. If you cut while actively growing, you will be doing it the right way.

Flowering and tree pruning are two things that a plant needs to flourish. You can prune in the right season and still get a large harvest of flowers.

As an alternative, you may also prune in the summer so that the plant can adapt to the change. If you do prune while it is in full bloom, there is one crucial thing to remember. Please do not prune all of the flowers, or you will not get any fruit.

Cut Properly

It would help if you cut the branches with a sharp tool. The growth rate should determine the area you are pruning. 

When you trim the branches, you should make cuts to 45 degrees. Please do not look down on the branch while cutting. Instead, you should cut while it is parallel to the ground.

Tree pruning tools should be cleaned after being used. They should never be put in water after they are used, as they may rust and cause infection on the plant.

Use the 3-Cut Method

You may be tempted to remove branches, making the tree or bush look better. There is a proper way to do it, which is the 3-Cut Method.

It is prudent to make a shallow cut on the underside of the branch. The cut should be one to two inches away from the branch collar. Your next move is to cut through the branch two to four inches from the branch collar. Finally, cut the remainder of the branch. 


These are the basics of tree pruning. It helps to know that tree pruning should be done in the right season. At the same time, take note that you will get the best results if you prune while it is actively growing. It is prudent to use the right tools whenever you have to prune.  

Take note that tree pruning has its risks. You may make a mistake, killing the plant. If you are unsure if you can do it well, you should hire a professional.  

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